Rabu, Ogos 05, 2009

Do you have a website ? I don't mean blog. If you want a website, you can call me at 0164610384. Design from scratch, very reasonable price. Or you want a complex system or simple one ? Me and my friend can make it one for you or your company. Open to worldwide, even you in Durham, Dundee, or Dhaka.

We develope system using PHP, ASP and using MySQL or MSSQL database. Now, within a month insyaAllah, I will create a system for every schools in Malaysia.

Ahad, Julai 19, 2009

Some Muslim women (muslimah) in Malaysia not wearing their cloth follow to syarak. I found this nice video. Just for reminder for us.

Rabu, Julai 15, 2009

Visit Sabah at anytime. Best experience for your family and friends

Khamis, Julai 02, 2009

Zoo Taiping is one of the best zoo in Malaysia. Visit Zoo Taiping now !